Kansas Roofing Contractor Reg. # 18-003693

Johnson County Contractor License # 2019-9639
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What you are interested in:

  • You’re wondering why your energy bills keep rising.
  • You’re searching for ways to save money and improve comfort.
  • You’re interested in what it means to your bottom line, customers, employees and your brand.

As your asset management partner, we answer all your questions: Clearly, communicate the process and progress.  Every step of the way, from initial site assessment to financing to installation to monitoring. Our team of certified solar installers, project managers, and financial experts take care of every aspect of your project. You get a customized solution for your business needs backed by a spirit of service and commitment to delight.

We create solutions unlike anyone else because no other company does what we do quite the way we do it.

How’s that? Eco Energy Solutions is an energy solutions firm combining 35 years of roofing experience with decades of energy markets, technology, and development expertise. Offering a 3-tiered, scalable energy solution composed of Solar PV, LED lighting and Cool Roof solutions. You can benefit from all or any combination of our offerings.

We’ll design it, install it and maintain it. Extend the lifecycle of your roof and the payback of your investment in renewable energy.  Our objective is to take manage your asset as if it was our own. Restoring your roof, Re-powering with solar and Reducing energy with LED.