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Cool Roofs With ALDO Roof Coating

Are you constantly fixing leaks on your metal roof?

What if your leaks are only a symptom of an even greater problem? You may be just treating the symptom and not the underlying issue.

As the summer heat causes the thermal expansion your roof can expand and contract as a result of up to 90⁰ surface temperature fluctuations.  A metal roof can be upwards of 180⁰ in the heat of a summer day, then cool down to less than 90⁰ within a 24-hour period.  With that fluctuation in temperature, the amount of expansion and contraction the roof endures is extreme. The ensuing pressure that is put on seams, screws and other penetrations can create integrity issues long term.

Damage comes in the form of popped seams and loose fasteners that  cause water infiltration.  Thermal expansion is the root issue leading those sealed seams and screws to open in the summer months.  Ultimately, repairing the seams and screws will cure your short term challenge, but is not a long-term solution.

The only true corrective measure is to reduce the temperature fluctuations and resulting thermal expansion by reflecting the heat with a cool roof coating.

Not only will you see benefits of reduced thermal expansion, a white roof’s efforts of reflecting the sun will also greatly reduce the heat transference into your building.  While a liquid applied coating doesn’t add any true R-Value, it can reduce peak roof temperatures from 180⁰ (too hot to touch) to 110⁰ (relatively cool in comparison).  If the roof is reflecting enough sunlight to reduce surface temperature by 70⁰  imagine the effects on the inside of your space.  This change will help to reduce cooling costs during peak demand hours in a climate controlled space and interior temperatures in non-climate controlled warehouse or manufacturing floor space.

Additional benefits of reflective roofs include: reduction of heat transfer into building spaces, reduced energy costs and enhanced comfort for occupants. Not to mention a reduction in the urban heat island.

Protect your assets and work with a reputable contractor to determine a repair plan for your roof that will eventually lead to a restoration and reflective roof for a long-term, sound and sustainable future for your structure.


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