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100% Renewable Energy.

Up to 70% Energy Savings.

Why spend more money on expensive utility bills than you have to? With a solar energy system, you won’t. Business use of solar photovoltaics (PV) has taken off over the last decade. With commercial solar installation costs dropping 75% and ROI payback periods now averaging only three to five years, it’s easy to see why.

Installing solar PV technology is a smart business decision. And today’s smart businesses are increasingly taking advantage of it. You’ll reap the benefits right away by cutting monthly utility expenses and reinvesting the savings where your business needs it most.

Imagine what you can do with your new-found solar savings.




Design the perfect solar system

Every business’s circumstances are unique, so matter what kind of property you have, Velo will create a solar array that reflects your business goals. Rooftop, ground-mount, canopy – or a combination – you’ll have a system that fits, backed by optional operations and management programs and our Optimizer energy monitoring program.

Roof Mount

Rooftop systems are a great use of otherwise unproductive space. If you’ve got a new roof surface (or are looking to re-roof), now is the perfect time to consider solar. Most standard solar installs do not require system penetration and the system weight is evenly distributed, so the wear and tear on your roof is negligible.

We’ll assess the type and condition of your roof structure, conduct a sun exposure/shade analysis and review your energy load usage to determine whether your location is a good candidate for solar and what size system is appropriate.

Ground Mount

If your roof characteristics prove to be less than ideal for solar, or you’ve got an unused piece of land you want to put to work, ground mount systems come in all shapes and sizes and are a great option for solar due to their flexibility, scalability and investment potential.


Let your parking lot, walkways or outdoor pedestrian areas perform double duty by generating power as they provide shelter from the elements. With the ever growing popularity of electric vehicles, EV charging stations under solar canopies offer an appealing and functional amenity for drivers who need a boost. Smart, eye-catching solar designs make a powerful statement about your commitment to sustainability.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Eco Energy Solutions will make sure your solar array provides maximum power output with our Optimizer energy monitoring software and ongoing routine maintenance. We offer operations and maintenance service programs to keep your solar array performing at its best for the lifespan of your array. Through real-time energy monitoring, we can catch problems before they become costly and keep your system functioning the way it should.


Day-one energy savings in as little as six weeks.

The monthly utility bills won’t stop coming, but what if you could reduce them within two billing cycles? Eco Energy Solutions helps you do just that – we’ll get your solar system running in as little as six weeks. The best part? You start saving money the very first day it’s online.

Our engineers and installers are NABCEP certified, assuring our customers that their solar array will meet or exceed all established standards for safety and quality. Our sales consultants are well-informed on the latest, innovative financing methods. And our leadership team is firmly committed to customer satisfaction at every step of the process.

These steps make our solar projects simple


1. Solar panels capture and convert the sun’s energy into DC energy.

2. An inverter changes the DC energy into AC energy.

3. The AC power travels from the inverter to the main panel board for use in your facility.

4. The electricity meter records the produced energy as well as the additional energy required to power your facility.

5. Any surplus solar electricity you generate is automatically sold back to your utility provider.